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18 affordable DIY home improvement ideas

Do not choose a wall that is in the direct path of sunlight. Whatever you choose to showcase on your feature wall, make sure it reflects your personality and style. Renovating your attic will create better airflow in the home, reducing humidity and improving indoor air quality. Moisture that eventually accumulates can lead to various structural issues like peeling paint, rotting wood frames, dry rot, mold buildup, and other health-related problems. A home theater room can also be created by lining one wall with floor-to-ceiling black curtains and adding rows of theater seating.

  • For $37 a year subscription, this is an impressive magazine that has an extensive lineup of beautiful houses with interesting articles to pique your interest in designing your own home.
  • Placing a ceiling medallion around a fan or light fixture is another way to add architectural flair overhead.
  • Some of the critical strengths required for a home improvement business is Practical Nature, Creativity, Communication, Resource Management, knowledge of architecture etc.
  • A HELOC can be a good choice if you have ongoing costs, or don’t know exactly how much you’re going to spend on your remodeling project.

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